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Eligasht Terms and Conditions

  • Content and services provided by website was up for use on this website are produced. Any misuse of the information, text, photographs, maps, drawings, logo, etc. of this website is prohibited and any natural or legal person is not allowed to misuse the content of this website. The content of this website on the Internet, only the name and URL of the website and link to the article listed Alygsht allowed. As well as the paper media, website is allowed with written permission from the authorities.
  • Personal information is strictly confidential in Eligasht. Eligasht do all their efforts to protect its users' personal information. In order to protect the privacy of personal information, the user should undertake to attempt to hack any information available on the site and shouldn't collaborate with natural or legal persons on it. The user commitment to inform that any knowledge of hacking information by another person or institution as soon as possible to Eligasht site management.
  • Members undertake to register and reserve with right information into website. In case of missing or incorrect information, the responsibility for the aftermath of this operation will be the responsibility of the user.
  • The user undertakes to inform Eligasht any changes in personal information. Otherwise this website assumes no responsibility for any consequences of incorrect information will be available.
  • Website devoted to online sales airfare and will not take responsibility for cancellation policy, delay or hasten the flight.
  • Any misuse of Eligasht name, Eligasht Website, correspondence from Eligasht or use the same name is prohibited. And through complaints to the competent authorities, courts dealing with cybercrime inside or outside the country will be prosecuted.
  • Eligasht Website users' personal data will not share with any other collection and the competent authorities only if the cases stipulated in the law, will take advantage of this information.

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