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Travel insurance

Abroad Travel insurance

Travel insurance is The right tool for the protection of health against events that may occur during travel for passengers, so it can finance costs and reduce travel stress caused by it. Most of us have busy lives that we must strike a balance between life and work.

During the trip if the accident happens to him or his companions, not to worry financially. So when traveling to a foreign countries travel insurance should be used when necessary to passengers can benefit from it.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is a way to prevent possible accidents

Travel insuranceis considered one of the costs in the treatment of illnesses or accidents of passengers protection.

If you do travel insurance, travelers do not have to be the cost of a particular treatment or minor surgery to compensate, which in turn can have an enormous cost on the shoulders of a passenger. therefore Eligasht For the welfare and satisfaction of their passengers, all passengers in all tours, travelers are given for free coverage

Travel insurance راهی برای پیشگیری از حوادث احتمالی

Travel insurance compensation

Travel insurance Those who intend to travel outside the country under the covers and its reliability is only abroad, Travel insurance and services subject according to the contract between accordance with the general terms and offered guaranteed by international network

and the damage done to the company's information form) eventually receive up to 30 days

دریافت خسارت Travel insurance

Some Service of Travel insurance

  • Pay for hospitalization and medical treatment

  • Insurance transport to the nearest medical center as a result of accident or illness

  • Pay for dental emergencies

  • Send essential medicines

  • Guaranty money transfers
  • Cash money transfers
  • & ...
 خدمات Travel insurance
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