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14. What shall I do if I encountered purchasing or technical issues while booking online?

You can call us on 021-8540, and talk to sells or customers service department.

15. What shall I do if searching takes long time and no result was shown?

• Press Ctrl + F5 button, if no result was found return to home page and start your search again. • If you have not use Eligasht website before, it’s better to erase your cache file of your browser once before using our website. • Change your arrival and departure date, there might be no flight, hotel or package available on your chosen dates.

16. What shall I do in case of encountering payment issue after filling the purchase information on bank interface?

For any reason if your payment was not successful and the amount was deducted from your account, usually it takes up to 2 hours for the amount to be returned to your account. In this case try purchasing again, otherwise contact our Sales representative.

17. What Shall I do in case of receiving the following massages after successful payment; (Flight Booking Failed) or (Hotel Booking Failed)?

Have your Request and Transaction number and contact your customer service representative which was chosen by you at the bottom of the page.

18. Does successful transaction means my contract is agreed?

Not necessarily, only if you were redirected from bank interface to EliGasht website and once you received an Email (Provided email during registering). Then your contract is finalized.

19. What’s the reason of Rates changing in website?

All the rates are online, and are shown on website via Airlines and local hotel brokers, therefore changes are inevitable.

1. What is the difference between Packages and Flight + Hotel

In packages each destination and services which are provided during the tour are organized and reserved in advance. But in Flight + Hotel services you will be able to book you’re Flight + Hotel without extra services such as: Tour Guide and Airport transfer. And also you will be able to choose your preferred Flight + Hotel from variety of options rather than chartered flights and contracted hotels by Eligasht.

2. Will the new pricelist of packages be announced at reservation?

Yes, all the prices of our services at Eligasht can be viewed online at any time. For viewing the pricelist of Tours; at home page of Eligasht.com choose “Packages” for viewing all our new Tours, then choose and set your preferred date and destination for viewing all the travel information and pricing.

3. In which countries we can book Fight + Hotel?

With Eligasht online reservation you’ll be able to book your Flight + Hotel from 12000 cities worldwide.

4. Where can I view the pricing of Flight + Hotel of certain country?

At Home Page of our website choose “Flight + Hotels”. First choose your destination and check-in and check-out date of hotel, then you’ll be provided with pricelist of available flights + hotels on your chosen date.

5. What services does Eligasht online reservation provide?

Eligasht online reservation will provide all International Air travel services in 4 different categories to their clients such as: Flight Booking, Hotel Booking, Tours & Packages and combinatorial Flight + Hotel. For different needs of different customers Eli Gasht provide various services.

6. Does it cost to reserve online?

No, Online booking at Eligasht website does not have any extra charges. And to encourage our customers to use our new services of booking online, we offer you 3% discount upon your online purchases.

7. How can I only view straight flights without stop?

While viewing your searched result, on filter tab choose “Stops” and set the stop option to “0”, then you will be presented with the flights without any stops.

8. Can I sort my searched flights relevant on prices?

Yes, our reservation system will automatically sort the prices of flights from lowest available to the highest, and also on filter tab you can choose “Price” and set your desired flight price to be shown on your search result.

9. Why no result found when I search for flights?

Happens if on your chosen date there be no available flights. You can quickly search again for new date by choosing “Search Again” button.

10. Why was I redirected to Home Page while making a booking or entering traveler’s information?

Because the pricing is done directly through Airlines servers and international online reservation providers, we are given a limited amount of time for their services. Therefore Eligasht website can only allow 10 minutes for searching and viewing your results and 10 minutes for entering the traveler’s personal information. And if at any stage this 10 minute runs out then you will be redirected to Home Page.

11. In which countries can we book hotels?

With Eligasht online reservation you will be able to choose and book from over 200,000 hotels in 12000 cities worldwide. With searching your preferred city you will be provided with a full list of hotels at the chosen destination.

12. How Can I view the price list of specific hotel in my chosen destination?

At Home Page of our website choose “Hotels”. First choose your destination and check-in and check-out date of hotel, then you’ll be provided with pricelist of available hotels on your chosen date.

13. How can I choose the amenities of my hotel?

After searching your hotel, while viewing your results on your left side of screen you can choose and set the hotel amenities by your preference, such as how many stars, conference room, in room amenities, car rental and so on.
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